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How and why to get started with Amateur Radio in 2019January 01, 2019

I've always wanted to get my ham radio license. The hobby seemed to have an alluring culture full of electronic technical whiz kids and grizzled old tinkerers. These are guys who know Morse code and wear huge closed ear headphones on their tractor. They listen to the radio signals generated by cosmic rays entering the atmosphere. Despite this I never really knew how to get started and it seemed…

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Shopping with HooksDecember 17, 2018

What might an e-commerce UI library might look like if rewritten with hooks? This shop app is an experiment using some of the patterns that might be helpful in the design of such a library. As the hooks ecosystem evolves over the coming months I plan to expand and refactor it slowly overtime to use as a reference. The Goal Build a general purpose shop UI library that can be imported into any react…

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Advent of Code 2018 with GoDecember 03, 2018

In the interest of testing out my new Gatsby blog setup here are a few solutions for the first few 2018 Advent of code problems. Go is an unpopular language for competitive programming problems but the simple syntax does make writing a solution feel kind of fun because you focus more on the problem and less on stylistic choices. Also I am learning Go and take any excuse to practice so I can grow…

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